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4 Outdoor Path Lighting Tips for Your Spring Party

by allisonshallenberger

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Nothing is fun about withstanding the extreme cold of the winter season and that is why people cannot wait for springtime to begin. People even hold outdoor gatherings to welcome the spring period. An event host, however, must make sure to illuminate his pathway and driveway sufficiently for his guests' safety. He needs to also make sure the lights catches the essence of the gathering he's hosting, so listed below are extraordinary choices for wonderful outdoor path lighting.


Making use of candles as the major source of light for paths stirs a charming and classy vibe, which is perfect for an event where a large part of the attendees are couples. Votive candles can be put inside intricately designed paper lanterns, which are arranged on the pathway. However, if one has fire safety concerns, he can place these candles in finely ornamented mason containers instead and still have the ability to make the exact same effect.

String lights

String lights are not only for the holiday anymore. One can repurpose these lights and utilize them as pathway lighting. String lights with bulbs of cheery colors can illuminate paths, and also extend a whimsical tone. However, one need to make sure to use red and green light bulbs sparingly; else, his friends will just suppose he just failed to remember to put Christmas lights away.

Hanging lanterns

If a host has really planned for an intimate celebration with close family members and pals, using hanging lanterns in vintage designs as pathway lights can produce a subdued ambiance. The hanging lanterns could be put along posts or along the branches of the trees lining the path. If there are no posts or tree branches to place these lanterns on, they can be just set on the ground to line a pathway.

Halogen or LED lights

For a casual but ultra-modern gathering, halogen or LED lights may be used for pathway lighting. Halogen lights provide much-needed illumination for paths and driveways for long hours, which is ideal for parties that are expected to last till the wee hours of the morning. LED lights, on the other hand, have a lustrous shine to them and are considered to be environment-friendly.

These are the kinds of lighting to help party invitees carefully to their destination. If the gathering is to be held at the patio, a combination of all these 4 types can be utilized for bright outdoor patio lighting. To learn more, log on to

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