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Why You Need an Acting Agent Like Russ Herriott of SEI

by shanamillikan

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When you would like to get into the entertainment industry and are geared up with only a dream, it could be tough to get in the field. You will be on a fight with hundreds of aspiring entertainers which is why it is very important that you stand out so you can capture attention of an agent. Having an agent will not automatically mean quick access to Hollywood, but it can open doors that you could not have opened by yourself. Aspiring to be in the entertainment industry is not nearly enough; you need to get proper representation so you can book as many jobs as possible.

As soon as you begin looking, you will find that a talent handler from a good firm like the SEI of Russ Herriott will offer you opportunities over and above the preliminary casting. They can put you in a TV show or movie that can help further your career. Or they can cast you as a model to advertise a product or service of a renowned business.


A talent representation and promotion firm has many connections in the industry. For someone who is new in the industry, you don't always have to know a lot of people, but you do have to know the significant people. Talent agents are in constant contact with their partners and peers in the show business, so they will have inside links to help get you a slot for a casting call, a go-see, and other career opportunities.

Career Planning

Talent scouts are aware of the details of the entertainment industry. They can help you make sensible choices about your work. Ask someone like Russ Herriott from SEI, who has been around since 1990, about the breaks he can offer you to start your career and make it last.


There are many opportunities in the entertainment industry, but just a couple are truly worth grabbing. You will need to make sure that you are not being overworked or taken advantage of. Deals can be distressing to manage, but they are necessary in your field and you will have them frequently. Talent agents will be your negotiators to make sure you get your end of the deal.

There are many agents out there, and each varies from the other. The important thing is that you are able to get one who can help you get started. Learn more about what an agent does and what they can do for you by going through

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