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Auto Import from USA: Rules of Transportation to Canada

by Helenmckay

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In case you are about to start Us cars import to Canada get ready to meet the strictest requirements ever. Each European or Asian country has its own list of rules and regulations, but Canadians have many additional specific laws.

Research & Buy. Basically, this is what you should start with. First, check if the car you are going to buy in the USA is admissible into Canada. There exists a special list and to get it you can visit the Registrar of Imported Vehicles and Transport Canada. The list of required modifications is also included into this list. Recall clearance letter is an additional document you are to get from the vehicle’s manufacturer.


Having made the research, you can buy a car. Before you make your final choice, check the vehicle’s background. For this purpose you can use CarProof, AutoCheck or Carfax services. Ask for the inspection reports of the vehicle. Did you buy a car? Then fax the auto export sheet report to the US Customs at the border crossing you’d like to cross and later make a call to confirm the receipt. Normally, you should wait 72 hours.

Border Regulations. While at the Canadian side, an owner is asked to bring all the documents into the office. The list of the documents you are to have during the Auto import aus usa includes:


• the title documents

• statement of compliance label

• sales receipts

• registration

• manufacturer's recall clearance letter


In the office you will have to complete Form 1 and pay the GST on the purchase.

In Canada. When you are in Canada, you are to receive a letter (within 10 days) from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. From the letter you’ll learn the detailed steps that are to be taken to bring the vehicle into compliance.

Within the following 45 days you must complete the modifications. The CMVSA allows all the modifications to be performed by mechanics of the owner’s choice.Need more information? Visit our blog and read Auto Import from USA: All the Benefits of Transportation. However, for such needs most manufacturers require an authorized agent or dealer. During the federal inspection an owner should present the inspection form, the vehicle import form and the recall clearance letter.

The Vehicle Import Form – Form 1, insurance certificate, bill of sale and the vehicle’s title must be presented to the territorial or provincial licensing authority. You are also to pay the fees and purchase the license plate.Checkout 2.0 profile - Auto import aus usa.Then a vehicle may require additional testing in order to meet the requirements.


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