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Who Says Argon Oil Is Not Good For Skin And Hair?

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Of the essentials to have good skin and hair is regular intake of Vitamins. This antioxidant Vitamins prevents the wrinkles, a sign of early aging of skin. Of all the sources, it is Vitamin E which has effective anti-oxidant properties. Vitamin E maintains the elasticity of skin by providing moisture to it.  The ways anyone can introduce this vitamin in daily routine is, either by consuming the capsules which has it, or by using the oils and creams which are rich in it. Though consuming it in liquid form is highly beneficial. And one of the rich sources of Vitamin E in liquid form is, Argan Oil. It is one of the most popular of all the natural oils that claim to nourish the skin and hair.

Argan Oil for hair and Argan oil for skin, both have exceptional characteristic that maintain the hair lustre and skin tone respectively. The properties of this oil for skin demolish the radicals that cause broken skin cells. It reconditions the skin and helps it to take the original shape with added shine to it. Argan oil for hair provides nourishment to scalp, required for the thick and conditioned hair growth. Thus it prevents the dryness on scalp. It is a great product and what makes it great in detail is the below listed properties:

  1. Anti-oxidant: A time when most of the people prefer to inject Botox to maintain the beauty of skin, Argan oil for skin is available as an alternate. It is a natural anti-oxidant and cause no side effect s. The process to use this oil is painless unlike the skin injections.
  2.  Cure for dry patches: Highly concentrated with required skin acids, Argan Oil reduces the complications like dry patches over the skin. It helps in regeneration of cells and makes it permeable.
  3. Cure for scars and spots on skin: The thing which worries most of the women is the spots on skin. Scars are more prominent on skin which is fair in colour. The natural healer which can cover the scars is Argan oil. It lubricates the membranes of skin and thus lightens the spots over a period of time.

Above mentioned properties are related to maintenance of healthy skin. Hair care is as necessary as the care of skin is. You cannot hide any of the two: rough hair and dry skin. Here is how the Argon oil for hair helps:

  1. Natural Conditioning of hair: The choices of hair conditioner in the market are more than one can ask for. But most of the conditioner contains chemicals. Argon oil is a choice to protect hair from harmful effect of chemicals. It is made from the nuts of a tree, so it is as natural as anyone can think of.
  2. A solution for split ends: Split ends damages the hair. Vitamin E enriched Argon oil repair the broken ends.

 After reading the above, you know the reply, if anyone comes to you and argues that Argon Oil is not good for skin and hair.

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