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Surrogacy: A Growing Practice

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What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a growing medical practice which has made it possible for couples in which either one of the couple is infertile or the woman is incapable of carrying a live birth, to have a baby. The medical practice is established on the lines of other assisted reproductive techniques like IVF and ISI but involves a number of formalities to establish an agreement between a surrogate mother and the couple. A surrogate mother is someone who consents to give birth to a child when her egg is fertilised by an ISI from the male or a fertilized embryo is planted in her uterus using IVF. The surrogate mother may or may not be genetically related to the child.

Surrogacy has always been a debated practice because of the emotional, legal and ethical issues involved, but is becoming a widely accepted practice because it has helped several childless couples have their own child who is generally genetically related to them.

Expenses of surrogacy

Every country has different laws governing surrogacy. While in many countries commercial surrogacy is illegal, in many other countries there are no laws restricting commercial pregnancy. Generally the cost of pregnancy involves the cost of the assistive reproductive technique (IVF or ISI), pre natal and post natal medical care, expenses for the maintenance of the surrogate mother and life insurance for the mother. The surrogacy program may also involve the fees of the clinic which puts you in touch with the surrogate mother and a fee for the surrogate mother which widely varies.

You should also take into account the travel expenses and the expenses you would have to bear for your stay in the country for the duration of the whole procedure.

India surrogacy program

India is growing as one of the most favourable destinations for childless couples to have the joy of parenthood through surrogacy. India is becoming very popular for International surrogacy because of much lower expenses as compared to other countries. If you choose to go to India in search of a surrogate mother, you will be able to complete the whole procedure at one fourth the expenses you would have to spend in a country like USA or UK. India surrogacy program has ensured that finding surrogate mothers in the country is not difficult as it is in many other countries. Various clinics and non-governmental agencies maintain a database of women who would consent to be a surrogate mother and would help a childless couple become parents. Every year hundreds of couple visit India in order to go through the surrogacy procedure and receive the gift of parenthood. India is also becoming a favourable destination for International surrogacy because of the fact that there are no strict laws governing surrogacy in the country. The clinic or the NGO would help you reach an agreement with the potential surrogate mother about the terms of the arrangement according to the clinic or NGO’s policies and the demands of the surrogate mother.

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