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Making Soda Pop with Water Depot and Soda Stream

by jacuzziontario

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Water is one of the most important elements of living a healthy life, but sometimes it can get a little boring! At Water Depot, we understand the importance of pure drinking water. With over 70% of our bodies being made up of it, water is not something we like to take lightly.

That's why Water Depot and Soda Stream have teamed up to offer you a variety of options in order to make getting your recommended eight glasses of water a day seem like a breeze! We have all been told countless times that soda pop is bad for our health, but the good news is that Soda Stream carbonated beverages make enjoying soda pop in a healthier way!

Simply fill your bottle with Water Depot filtered water, add the flavor of your choice and within three seconds you will have fresh carbonated water instantly. There is much less sugar than in traditional pop and the flavors include a variety of colas, fruit mixes, iced teas, sparkling waters, and much more.

There are also many different models you can choose from to get you started!

The Penguin. This model features easy to use custom carbonation levels to ensure that your soda pop is just right. The Penguin is easy to use and designed with glass carafes so that it will look perfect in the kitchen.

The Genesis. This drink maker is based on modern slim-line designs making it perfect for a small kitchen or even workspace! The Genesis comes in a variety of colours, customized carbonation level, and easy to clean drip tray.

The Jet White. The Jet turns water from your water cooler instantly into sparkling soda pop and seltzer with no clean up. The Jet White is also a starter package that comes with extra reusable bottles, and a 1 x 60L CO2 carbonator.

Soda Stream offers a variety of machines and flavours to fit all life and kitchen styles. Find out which model is right for you and begin enjoying soda pop right from your water cooler today!

At Water Depot, our priority is to provide you with clean, clear water. Whether it be water filters or water coolers for your home, we understand the importance of pure drinking water.



Our staff is committed to providing you will all the tools you need to ensure a happy and healthy life. Visit to discover all the options Water Depot has to offer!

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