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A guide to buying towel radiators

by towelwarmer

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Towel radiators are man’s best invention since sliced bread. Don’t agree? Ask anyone who lives in a place that has savage winters or even a prolonged winter. Towel radiators or towel warmers are perhaps the only things that can coax people out of their beds, into the shower and off to work. If you do not already own a bathroom towel warmer, then you should find out all the possible details before buying one.

First, many kinds of towel heaters are available in the market. The most common towel radiators are the electrical kind. These heaters are very easy to use since they follow a simply on and off mechanism where you simply turn it on when you need it and switch it off after you have finished with it. There are other types available as well and it is best if you take a look around the market and find what suits you best.

Second, choose a towel radiator that is easy to install and fits in properly into your bathroom. The ideal towel warmer is one that does not take up too much area and sits rather inconspicuously in a corner. Be sure that you install the electric towel warmer in a water free zone of your bathroom. Take appropriate measurements of the space available in your bathroom and try to find a radiator that fits into that space. Buying something too large will only add on to your hassle. And buying something too small will not serve your needs, as it will fail to heat up your bathroom adequately. If you are confused, do not hesitate to take the help of experts at the store. Sometimes, they will even visit you at home to take special care of your needs and find you the perfect towel radiator.

Third, buy a towel radiator from a reputed company as replacing and repairing these towel heaters can be pretty expensive and you do not want the unnecessary hassle.

Fourth, many designs, colors and sizes are available in the market. Buy a towel radiator that fits in with the design sentiments of your bathroom. Do not buy something extremely different, as it will stick out like a sore thumb later on. If you cant find something that perfectly matches your bathroom tiles or fittings, buy something in a neutral design and color. Colors like gold, silver, steel, black and chrome are available with all companies and should not be difficult to find.

A towel warmer can be used to heat not only your towels but also small pieces of clothing. The biggest advantage of having a towel warmer is that it heats your bathroom in the process so that you don’t feel the sudden cold when you step out of a hot shower.

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