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Increase the storage space with SAN can Device

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The fundamental activity of any IT industry is telecommunication, which involves receiving, manipulating, transmitting and storing data. It involves analyzing quantitative data, which is pretty huge and increasing. It is suggested for every business to employ data back up and sharing. The storage of data and its availability across the network should be seamless. These days, data is growing immensely along with the business requirements. So, it is important to store this information securely in effective storage devices for future references.

Storage area network (SAN) is an arrangement including both software and hardware, which transfers data between computer and other storage elements with help of physical connections. It organizes storage units, its connections, and computers to ensure secure and robust data transfer. It is high-speed network connected with servers and storage devices. It is built with an array of storage devices, which works in sync help in easy recovery of backup system.

Storage area network uses fiber optics for connectivity, which gives high-speed data transfer capability and mostly uses SCSI protocol for its communication. This device can also be used with wide range of network types. Its topology is similar to Local area network and is interconnected with Fiber Channel Switches. Initially while in the setup a best Fiber channel routing method should be chose, which has matched the network. Storage area network has some efficient Key factors such as bandwidth, Latency and Queue depth.  It provides Storage virtualization feature by which the resources are allowed to share the access easily and makes the best use of storage devices that enhance network efficiency. It transparently handles all the resources connected to the network and employs best mapping and pooling strategy to maintain uniformity in the network.

Typically, a network may consist of different kinds of applications; using this storage device can provide direct access to multiple data paths for better serviceability, reliability and availability. When there is higher traffic on to the server, storage processing is moved to separate networks. It provides a consolidated and centralized storage system, which is simpler to manage with better flexibility and scalability. Since some data would be confidential and crucial SAN helps in having remote copy of required data, which gives disaster protections and reduces the chances of malicious attack. Nowadays many organizations have made servers to boot from SAN; this allows diagnosing the network easily and detecting the faulty server quickly. Hence, it is more useful for organizations to enhance the capacity and competency.

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