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Specifications of High Voltage Transformer and Antenna Coil

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A High Voltage Transformer is designed to deliver exceptional quality and output from industrial devices. Every brand in the market manufactures High Voltage Transformer and antenna coils according to their basic specifications, customization appears if there is a special requirement from the customer side. Not to forget these two components go hand-in-hand when functioning for one same device. This article provides information on specifications transformer and coil used for industrial process, it also equips the reader with information on how to purchase these two items from the correct source.
High voltage transformer Specifications:

  • Output Voltage up to 60 KV
  • Output Power up to 2000 VA


  • PC Mount
  • Low Profile
  • Split Section
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • High Voltage Exit
  • Lead Wire
  • Bobbin Terminal Toroids on Headers


  • 115, 57 to 63 Hz
  • 115/230V, 47 to 63 Hz
  • Switching - up to 100 KHz

Antenna coil specifications:

  • Self-Support Coils
  • High Turns Count
  • Fine Gauge Wires
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Solenoids
  • Transportation / Traffic Control
  • High End Audio Cables
  • Warehouse Automation
  • RFID
  • Audio Circuits
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Motor Clutches

Guidelines for purchasing High Voltage Transformer and Antenna Coil:

  • Always know the brand image in the market; it will help in making the right type of selection. Brand image plays an important role in knowing the type of service the brand offers.
  • Checking the website of the brand will ensure you are contacting the right source. The website will carry feedback details that would come handy in making the selection.
  • Negotiate the pricing on the product; you would be at an advantage when the purchase is done in bulk quantities. Online purchase will help in attracting additional discounts for the current offers; online promotions are very much active these days.
  • Always go for custom orders, a custom order is anytime preferred than a standard design. A custom order carries specific details about the product. It is tailored specifically to your needs; the product does not require alteration or modification during installation.
  • Graphical representation of parts will be present on the website that would help in completing the purchase. specifications and Images will also help in knowing the product in detail.
  • Lookout for free delivery and transportation options, the brand through which you wish to purchase should be in a position to offer delivery options.
  • The engineers have designed the product and know how it works, let them provide you with installation options. Installation of the product depends on the component in which it will be installed.

The above-mentioned specifications and guidelines of Transformer and Antenna Coil should guide you in making the selection. With the use of available data, it is easy to look for a transformer specific brand.