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An overview of the different types of ballet tutus in market

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The ballet dance happens to be one of the most popular and fascinating dance genres of all time. This is largely attributed to not only its mesmerizing techniques but also to the brilliant costumes dancers wear. Take, for instance, ballet tutus that for a very long time have been a prerequisite for any successful ballerina and which are aptly considered to symbolize the very essence of ballet dancing.


Unlike many other types of dance costumes in themarket, there is a pleasant diversity of ballet costumes and which enables every dancer to find a suitable costume for her particular type of dance. Ballet tutus, like most ardent fans of the genre have come to discover, also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and even fabric, thus making them as versatile as the dances are.


These dance costumes typicallyconsist ofa skirt (or tutu if you like) held in place by a bodice. The bodice can equally hold the Basque which can at times be a separate addition on the costume. Another distinct component of these apparels is their layer/layers of netting that more than anything else help to depict the true ballet tutus allure and which happens to be nimbleness of the ballerina’s feet. Consequently, due to these and other factors like the comfort of the dancer while in motion, these dance costumes are crafted from stretchy fabrics such as voile, muslin, tulle, nylon, buckram, and even organdy.


Like earlier mentioned, these dance apparels come in different styles. Among one of the most captivating and invigorating is the romantic tutu. This costume is distinctively characterized by a free flowing hemline that can be made up of one or several layers of netting. This costume is specifically designed for the romantic ballet which invariably necessitates an illusion of the ballerina floating, or more to the point, hovering above the stage.


Another version of ballet tutus is the breathtaking classical tutu which is sometimes also known as the pancake tutu. This apparel is distinguished by its minute and stiff skirt that is fashioned with several layers of netting that just protrude in a straight manner hence its being likened to a pancake. The Balanchine tutu is also another type of these exquisite dance costumes that has left many an audience breathless and gasping for more. It is made up of a short skirt that is devoid of the usual hoops and lesser layers of netting.


The platter tutu, which looks like a copy of the classical tutu with the exception of its fuller top, is yet another must-have ballet costume amongst the wide range of dance costumes that this genre has to offer.


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