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How to Clean and Polish Your Ottawa Countertops

by robbiemarinero

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Granite is one of the most long-lived materials used for countertops. These characteristics are fit for a home components that are exposed to dampness, heat, and pressure. Aside from that, granite countertops are available in a huge range of styles and colors so there's certain to be something that will suit your home. Maintenance for this material can be somewhat simple, you essentially perform it frequently. The following are a few cleanup suggestions for your granite countertops in Ottawa.


Unclean granite countertops can effectively be tidied up with a liquid cleaner you can make yourself. To make the solution, put together equal portions of alcohol and water. Do not put to use acidic compounds as they may be abrasive to the granite particularly if used often. Use your self-made solution to sanitize the countertops as well as to take out smells and muck on the exterior.


In addition to simply getting rid of gunk and food spatters, polishing your countertop can offer it that constantly-new and long-lasting appeal. After making use of your cleaning agent, dry it with a clean cloth. You can also utilize a commercial brand stone cleaner developed to shine granite countertops. Make use of a spray bottle to mist it on the countertop, allow to stand for about a minute, then rub out with a clean cloth.


Buffing functions to take out nicks or scrapes from your granite. You can buy or lease a handheld power buffer for this objective. Adjust the texture of your grit paper correctly; 50 is quite rough, while grit levels as high as 3,000 are extremely fine. Rough grits get rid of the scratches whereas smooth ones will buff and re-shine your countertop surface.


Countertops will get surely wet when you prepare foods or spill liquid. Since granite is poriferous or moisture-absorbing in its organic state, it's necessary to keep it secured. Acquire a granite sealant from the Internet or from your local home remodeling shop. After polishing and buffing, spray this sealant on your counters and let it stay for several minutes. At that point, rub it off with a tidy cloth.

Enhance the durability and aesthetic value of your Ottawa countertops by discovering how to cleanse and safeguard it from damage. The spotlessness of your kitchen counters shows how you keep your home spick-and-span and aseptic. For details on countertop cleaning, browse through

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