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Things To Keep In Mind While Developing Mobile Apps

by anonymous

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At present mobile application development is one of the significant areas of work for most of the software development companies in India. Roughly mobile development would constitute a minimum of 20% of revenue contribution for all the companies who are into this area. It's really strange how things evolve in the technology arena. Just a few years back there was hardly any software services company in India who would have invested and have had a dedicated team for mobile application development and now it's like there are hardly any left who do not work in this space.

The unique and good thing that mobile app development has ushered in is the opportunity it gave, to startup and not so old but small companies, in creating a brand for themselves and growing with it. "App" development,i.e, developing apps for the new age smart phones, caught like wild fire and it's still raging. There seems to be an insatiable thirst in the market for app consumption. Starting from utility apps like location finder to entertainment apps like games and social media engagement apps it's all being developed and consumed at a frenetic pace. The promise of growth for this area seems so robust and promising that mid-sized companies who had let it go thinking it not to get so significant are now moving in aggressively and trying to make up for lost time by investing heaving in building the talent base as well as facility to build high quality apps.

While some were waiting for the mobile wave to reach and wake them up, there were a few smart companies which had invested early – in building the talent base as well as infrastructure to build smart apps. Some of them could encash the investment made early and grew bigger and established them as market leaders for mobile application development and others missed out because of entry of bigger players. What troubled these companies was the compensation offered by the bigger companies to the "now so hot skill" professional. With rising demand for this niche skill of mobile development salaries increased manifold in a span of few months and people moved to bigger brands leaving the smaller companies. Skills like iOS development, app development for Blackberry, android knowledge, cross-platform application development, Windows mobile etc became the most sought after. Of course the demand for the skill was/is directly proportional to the demand of the phone in the market.

In this flux there emerged a few smallish companies who could balance the growth well. Meaning they developed a sizable team of mobile experts, continually spent money in upgrading the knowledge of the people involved and at the same time did not ignore the other skills which were once the only work, like .Net, ColdFusion, Java etc – in short web application development software. This way they never got too dependent on mobile application development at the same time invested enough to use this to enable them to grow in a more consolidated manner with a more solid base.

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