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Installing Weatherproof Windows and Doors in Vancouver

by marlahinds

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When a hurricane-force winds blow in from the Pacific Ocean and enters to strike north islands like Vancouver, in its wake it leaves busted doors and windows so that property owners are left bereft by the damage that the bundled forces of rainfall and wind triggered on their battered houses. In some sturdier homes where the structures are intact, homeowners attempt to prevent additional damage of water leakages by weatherproofing their Vancouver windows and doors.

The first thing that you need to do is to check your windows and doors and inspect for drafts. Spread your open palms over the interior window frames; pay attention for air whistles traveling through the openings. Inspect underneath your doors, also, as they may have a big adequate opening to let cool air in, even when they are closed.

Apply weather stripping to the door or the doorjamb. There are many kinds of weather stripping materials like pressure-sensitive adhesive foams, serrated metal, and felt. Connect the stripping to the door accordingly; when using felt, for instance, you can utilize glue or tacks to affix it to the door. Make sure that the stripping is firmly put in one long strip. Examine to make sure that the door isn't too covered up that it will not shut.

If you have windows that you don't intend opening anytime throughout the season, cover them totally with clean plastic bags. Cut the bags at about 2-3 inches bigger than the window size to keep it airtight and draft free. Put a double-sided tape to the window's boundary against the interior frame. Then you can get in gas from a blow dryer to secure the plastic against the windowpane.

A draft dodger is a tube of fabric stuffed with various other materials or materials. You can put them under the door to keep the freezing air out. You can make one by packing a tube of nylon hosiery with much heavier materials. Simply lay it under the door, and that keeps your door airtight and draft free.

There are also many designs of windows and doors in Vancouver that have excellent weather-resistant properties, not only for combating against cold, blasting weather, but even hot temperatures. For more details on windows and door weatherproofing, see

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