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Professional data recovery services in USA for any instance

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New Jersey is a beautiful state in the north eastern and middle Atlantic regions of USA. With bordered by New York and Atlantic Ocean, the state attracts tourists as well as business people across the globe. Over the years, many industries have grown alongside its magnificent natural landscapes. However, loss of data is something, which has annoyed and even devastated many small to large industries of the state in the past. But, time has changed and now there are professional data recovery service providers in New Jersey to help you recover all your seemingly lost data back.

Microsoft Window is undoubtedly one of the highly appreciated operating systems among common users. Windows has several inbuilt utilities to facilitate smooth usage and maintenance of the system. Among those added utilities, ‘disk-defragmentor’ is one, which helps get over the issues of fragmentation and indeed makes the Windows system faster. However, sometimes due to some serious hard drive errors, disk-defragmentor flashes error messages following which the hard drive becomes completely inaccessible. Such situations of data loss/inaccessibility can only be dealt with any advanced hard drive recovery service to retrieve back the data safely.

Sometimes, while running Windows disk-defragmentor, it can flash the following error message on the screen:

Error Defragmenting Drive <drive>. Windows could not access part of the drive.”


The above error message can be caused due to the possible file system corruption, sectors going bad or any other physical damage to the hard drive.


In order to resolve the problem and get the seemingly lost data back, you must start with the ‘CHKDSK’ utility to check the consistency of the disk. ‘CHKDSK’ utility also fixes the errors if it finds any. However, if the disk is heavily corrupt or there is any other physical problem, the utility fails and you need to take the help of any professional data recovery service provider.

Professional data recovery service providers have the necessary technology and expertise to deal with various hard drive data loss situations. However, you must also ensure that, if your hard disk has been physically damaged, it must be treated inside CLASS 100 Clean Room labs.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. is a leading data recovery service and solution provider in USA. Stellar data recovery services USA, with its innovative hard drive recovery services, skilled engineers, in-house R & D, CLASS 100 Clean Room labs and years of experience, has been successfully recovering hard disk data from seemingly irrecoverable state of data loss.

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