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Types of Baseball Pitching Machines and How to Use Them Effe

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Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. People are fond of this sport and the game is a national passion.

A lot of baseball accessories help you in enhancing your skills in this game. A pitching machine is used in baseball to enable the batter to practice against different speeds and styles. A pitching machine throws balls to the batter so that he can become a better hitter. The purpose of a pitching machine is to provide consistency and accuracy to the hitter. Most machines are hand fed and some others are automatic. Charles Hinton was the inventor of this machine. The machine used gunpowder to throw balls at different speeds. Pitching machine come in different styles, the two main types of pitching machines are:

• Arm Action Machine
• Circular Wheel Machine

These machines have advanced to the point where they can throw not only fastballs but also curveballs, sliders and screwballs. The arm action machine is similar to a pitcher who feeds the ball by his hand; this machine simulates the delivery of a pitcher and carries the ball at the end of the bracket, much like a hand. It delivers the ball in an overhand motion. The circular machine contains a wheel similar to the tire of a motorcycle. The circular wheel machine shoots the ball to the batter once the ball is fed to its wheels. These machines help baseball players to get batting practice on their own. Pitching machines are set up in batting cage or nets that will collect the balls once they are hit.

Benefits of Using the Pitching Machine:

Regular Practice: If you are a professional baseball player and want to improve your game, pitching machine helps you immensely in improving your batting technique. It improves your game by getting the right ‘arm swing’ and hitting power.

Hand eye co-ordination: Foreseeing the direction of the incoming pitched ball will improve the hand eye co-ordination, you can also check your stance and head placement while the ball is being delivered. The speed of the machine is usually around 60 kms per hour and has a great perfection for each throw.

Affordability: These batting aids are getting very popular due to their availability at affordable prices. There are different types of machines available in the market varying in their price, size and features. They can be purchased from sports shops or online. The most recommended way of purchase would be through online, as it offers lot of varieties and discounts.

Velocity: Pitching machines offer a speed of 20 to 104 mph, this allows the batter to practice at varied speeds. This velocity comes from a powerful motor that propels the spinning wheels or throwing arm. The adjustment knobs help in adjusting the speeds quickly.

An optimum utilization and regular practice of the pitching machine helps in taking the success from the ‘batting cage’ to the ‘batting box’. Pitching machines help in achieving this objective.

Pitching Machines allow the batter to practice at varied speeds. To understand the utility of pitching machines, visit

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