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You Can’t Go Wrong By Choosing Symfony

by anonymous

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You can’t go wrong by choosing Symfony and here are some solid reasons to justify the thought. For those who are still not aware of this wonderful enabler, it is a comprehensive open source PHP framework which is made up of a collection of more than 20 individual components that work in tandem and are designed to solve common web development problems. It is also one of the oldest PHP frameworks.

The first reason why using Symfony will do you a world of good is that it is fast, favors performance and consumes far less memory space than its peers. This acts as a panacea for all those who seek performance optimization right from the very beginning of application development. Secondly, Symfony2 especially offers unlimited flexibility whether you want to develop a complex application with a number of functionalities or you build your framework brick-by-brick as per your needs or you seek to build a standalone micro framework to address a specific functionality in a project. Symfony’s dependency injector and Event Dispatcher make this possible.

The third compelling reason to choose Symfony2 framework is the expandability it offers. Since everything from the smallest component to the core is presented as a plug-in, this helps adding more functionality to the existing framework as well as letting it to be reused in another project without having to reconfigure completely. Stability and sustainability, the two major assuring factors for any technology provides the fourth reason to choose it as the framework of choice. Created and promoted by Sensio Labs, all the major versions will be constantly supported throughout with regards to security issues. The fifth reason for choosing to go ahead with Symfony framework can be seen from a developer’s perspective. It provides a highly functional environment for a great software development experience. It also allows the developer to focus on the business need of the application by providing him with a much desired comfort level. Symfony’s Web Debug toolbar is one such facilitator which provides the developer with a lot of useful information as he is developing his application. The information ranges from the number of database queries to the rendering time, with a full logger built in. It also acts as a learning tool for newbie Symfony developers who are eager to learn more about this framework. Accessibility forms the sixth reason for choosing to go ahead with Symfony framework. Backed by a vibrant community of Symfony enthusiasts, supported by abundant and elaborate documentation and readily available professional support makes Symfony one of the most accessible frameworks ever. The fact that it is made up of the best of the PHP components allows the developer to build applications using the best practices available in PHP frameworks.

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