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Drug Abuse Causes

by JohnSmith

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What Causes Drug Abuse?

No one can say there is one definitive cause for drug abuse. But there are factors that can tip the scale towards abuse.
Home life.
Outside influences and activities.
Use of prescription medication.

Home and Other Environmental Causes of Drug Abuse

Many things in life are new and overwhelming for young people. An unstable home environment and family dynamics play a large part in a family member's entry into drug abuse. This may often be traced to the pre-existing presence of drug usage or mental illness in the home. "Acting out" and other behavioral problems or even seclusion combined with poor parenting can create the fertile grounds for drug abuse.

Not having a healthy, nurturing home-life or having a chaotic one, during childhood has been shown to increase the use of drugs as the user perhaps seeks to withdraw from their reality or obtain acceptance and status with their peers.

Poor scholastic achievement and its attendant criticism, an atmosphere of "coolness" or approval of drug use in their school, easy access to drugs, and acceptance of drug abuse within their peer group or generally within the larger community can have a great influence on the way the individual thinks about drugs. Drug abuse as an escape from a lack of attention or physical/mental abuse at home is a common ingredient.

Outside Causes of Drug Abuse

Many influences and activities outside of the home including those with fellow students and non-school peers can lead to drug abuse. Mental illness and physical handicaps or ailments may contribute to and in the case of prescribed drugs, fuel the drug abuse. While these challenges themselves are not thought to cause drug abuse, one may be aided and complicated by, the other. Some drug abusers started by trying to self-medicate themselves in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of a physical or mental illness.

Genetic Causes of Drug Abuse

Genetics is now recognized more and more by healthcare professionals as a cause of substance abuse. While many people use drugs, only a small percentage abuse drugs. It has been noted that drug abuse seems to run in families, which suggests that genetics may also be a causes of drug abuse. Parents that are drug abusers are themselves a risk factor for their children. Whether it is solely a familial problem or a genetic predisposition is yet to be determined.

Multiple Causes of Drug Abuse

We have explored a few of the more common risk factors and any one can be at fault, it is more likely that a combination of risk factors most often leads to drug abuse. The higher the number of risk factors involved, the greater the chance of finding drug abuse. Happily many will escape these traps and never abuse drugs. Even ALL of these factors combined will not guarantee that an individual will even try, let alone abuse drugs. Science continues to search for the cause.

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