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NTFS Data Recovery Software to Recover NTFS Partit

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NTFS or New Technology File System is a self-healing and high-performance files system. It is proprietary to Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, and NT, which supports the file-level security, auditing, and compression. This file system also supports large sized hard drive partitions and effective data storage solution, such as RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). However, in some situations, NTFS file system may encounter corruption and cause critical partition or data loss situations. At this point, NTFS Data Recovery applications help you to get your lost, missing, or deleted Windows partitions.

The NTFS file system is used by Windows operating system to manage the files and folders on the hard drive. Operating system employs the services of file system to locate the files on Windows hard drive and access them. When you create a new file on your Windows hard drive, an entry of the file is created in file system table. The entry contains name of the file, its size, storage location etc.

However, if the file system gets damaged due to improper system shutdown, virus infection, operating system malfunction, system crash and so forth, operating system cannot locate and access hard drive partitions. This behavior of NTFS file system renders all your hard drive partitions and stored data inaccessible. In such cases, you need to fix up this problem through NTFS Partition Recovery.

Windows operating system includes various features to handle the NTFS file system inaccessibility or corruption issues. Generally, the minor file system issues are automatically handled when you reboot the system. In order to detect and repair NTFS errors, you can use ChkDsk utility of Windows. It checks the consistency and integrity of the file system.

But if the file system gets damaged, hard drive formatting the is the only way to go for. Hard drive formatting is the process of removing all the existing applications, operating system, data, and data structures from disk, including file system and then setting up new operating system and file system. Although, this process resolves all hard drive problems, but also removes all data. In such cases, NTFS File Recovery is required to retrieve lost files and folders.

It is possible through Data Recovery software. They have excellent ability to scan the hard drive through advanced scanning mechanisms and recover lost, missing, and inaccessible data. The applications are quite reliable and easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery is the best tool ever made and ensures absolute recovery of lost data from Windows partitions. The software supports recovery from NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

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