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How to Deal with an Overflowing Toilet

by SaltLakeCityPlumber

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We’ve all dealt with some kind of plumbing emergency in our time. Sometimes your plumbing system will fail, and when it does you only have a few options to decide how to deal with the matter. If you have an overflowing toilet, you might have a real problem on your hand. If you aren’t around to notice the toilet overflowing, your whole house could flood! That would be a catastrophe and you would want to call Plumber Salt Lake City to help you with your flooding problem. Hopefully you are at least around when the problem arises, and this is normally the case for a flooded toilet, as it normally takes a man made calamity to clog a toilet. It might be roots growing underneath your house if your bathroom is in the basement or if the pipes are near a giant tree. If this is the case, you will have a much different problem on your hand. You will still want to call a Plumber in Salt Lake City if you had root issues in your plumbing pipes, because some jobs are just too big for the amateur plumber to tackle. You should take solstice in knowing that the state of Utah makes all Salt Lake City Plumbers get licensing for their skilled labor. If you have just flooded the toilet, then there are a few things you should try before you call a plumber, in less you are not equipped to deal with any kind of emergency at all, in which case it will be very important for you to get a Plumber in Salt Lake City to your domicile as soon as is humanly possible. Hopefully you are not in a rural area and you have a plumbing emergency, or you could really be in for a hurting on your pocketbook.

To minimize any costs, and if you feel like you are capable of doing the work, the first thing you should do if you are having a toilet overflow, is to shut off the water to the toilet. This will stop the toilet from overflowing and you can try to get a handle on the damage at hand. If you the only issue at this point is some grey water all over your floor, you should do what you can to clean the mess up as quick as possible. You don’t want to have any of the waste water getting into any cracks or getting underneath any carpet. You will need to do a very thorough job of cleaning the mess because of the hazard it will leave behind if not cleaned up necessarily. You may want to use very old towels or sheets to clean up the mess, because you won’t want to ruin anything nice. You may still want to have a Plumber Salt Lake City check out the aftermath to make sure everything is kosher. Once you have the water turned off, you can figure out what has clogged your toilet. If you have a plunger, you may want to try that first. Take the plunger and plunge it into the toilet until you notice the water start to drain. You can turn the water back on and try to flush the toilet again. If it is still flooded, you probably almost assuredly want to call a Plumber in Salt Lake City to help you with your problem. There is not a lot you can mess up with a plunger, but if you don’t feel like you have the skills to use one, don’t hesitate to put the plunger down and call a professional for help.

If you have other problems when you call Plumber Salt Lake City, you should have a list handy to expedite the plumbers time. Your clogged toilet may need to be snaked if you can’t get it to unclog with a plunger. Snaking actually goes through the pipes to clean out the lodging materials. This can be a messy ordeal, but a professional will be able to make short work of the clog. If you have a toilet that clogs on a regular basis, and you constantly have to plunge the toilet, you may have a bigger problem than what you think you are dealing with. This would probably be a great time to use a Salt Lake City Utah Plumber to come check on your plumbing to find the bigger problem that is probably keeping your toilet from working right. It could be as easy as just replacing the toilet or you may have some problem that requires much more work. If you don’t feel like your plumbing skills are very good, you should call the professionals as soon as possible so that you don’t ruin the rest of your plumbing trying to fix a problem that you might not understand. If you have more than one plumber look at the problem, remember that going with the cheapest plumber doesn’t mean the work will be shoddy, and going with the most expensive plumber doesn’t mean the work will be immaculate. Try to talk to people who have had your plumber in mind do work for them in the past as see what their overall satisfaction level is. If the people you talk to are enthusiastic about your plumber and they don’t have any complaints, then you have probably found the person you should have working on your issues.


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