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How Much Has Clothing Shopping Evolved?

by vineetgkp

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The internet did not just shrink the world into a global village; it also affected the way we carry out some activities. For example, it decreased the distance travelled to go shopping. In the olden days, window shopping was the way to go. Women would move from shop to shop ogling at clothes displayed on windows. Sometimes it involved walking from one aisle to another, shop to shop. Well, all these changed with the onset of ecommerce. Shopping has never been easier, faster and less hectic.

Clothing shopping online, in particular, has been gradually shaped to suit every person. Ecommerce has brought clothes, and virtually anything else that was traded face to face traditionally, right to your fingertips. Stores now have an online trading avenue to cater to their online customers. Every shop that had a physical store is now turning towards the internet; in this regard we have seen a rapid growth of online shops for especially those that specialize in sale of clothes. Koogal is one of such shops, which is located in Australia. They stock a variety of women wear which range from dresses to tops to bottoms. Other than offering a clothing online shopping platform, they also stock eyelashes.

Koogal has a loyalty program called Gift Hard which allows you to save a fixed amount of money (what they call credits for your next shopping) for every purchase of a stipulated amount of money. For example you get to save USD 5 for every purchase amounting to USD 60. This is a program geared towards extending discounts towards frequent customers.

Before clothing shopping online begun years ago, some women would resort to shop through stylists especially when attending special functions. This would entail getting so many samples from so many shops, and then there would be endless fitting and elimination of those that were not appealing. Now, women can find the perfect dress online. Simply check out several online stores from the comfort of your house or office. Purchase through the online shopping cart, and sit back awaiting the delivery of your dress.

Clothing shopping online has increased over the last few years. Initially, stores were restricted to shoppers from within there are of operation but this setback has gradually been eliminated. More and more stores are offering free delivery within a specified geographic region. Others are discounting the shipping fee to expand their sales horizons. Koogal offers free shipping within Australia.

Online stores can also use social media to reach a majority of their potential clients, while using it to create and maintain customer relationships. Pinterest, in particular, is a very resourceful social media network for online stores. It can be used as dress online shopping guide. For example, a pictorial image of a dress - which links to an online store landing page - is pinned to entice shoppers to buy the dress online. Contests, is another tactic used.  Shoppers are asked to buy a dress online then post their photos in that particular dress to win gift hampers designed by the online store.

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