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How to Choose an Affordable Web Designer for Your Needs?

by anonymous

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Hiring a freelance web designer is generally a very good option, especially when you are looking for an affordable web designer to create your website. There is no standard certification for freelance designers, so in case you have narrowed down on a couple of designers and are yet to make a decision about which designer to finalise, here are a few things to look at that may make your decision making easier.

  • Their portfolio: This should generally be considered as the most important thing to look at when you are looking to hire an affordable web designer. This is a great way to measure the sensibility and skills of the designer.
    • Their experience: Most of the designers who create freelance web design have worked in web designing companies in the past. Have a look at their resume, the companies they have worked for earlier and the time that they have spent in the industry. If they have not worked in any web design company earlier, you would have to rely on their portfolio. 
    • References and testimonials: You can have a look for testimonials on their website. You can also ask the designer for references who would vouch for their skills.
    • Their education: Freelance web design is more about creativity and commitment, but you would surely prefer someone who has had some formal education in the field of web design and not someone who woke up one morning and decided to use his few designing skills to set up a web design shop. While you are having a look at their education, remember that you need someone who is creative and knows how to use his software.
    • Price and time: Are the charges of the designer within your budget? Can the designer deliver results within a deadline set by you?

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