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Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting: Points of Distinction

by Robatjhnson

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Are you confused on the type of hosting you need to choose? Relax. There is an easy way to get you out of this dilemma. Your head must be spinning around the names of different services such as shared, dedicated, VPS and etc. Now to understand which one will be right for your website doesn’t requires any specific skill but a close purview of your needs. Yes, that right, your needs decide which type of host will be suitable for your website. If your site is a big one and is expecting a huge traffic then dedicated service should be your choice. Otherwise, you can have shared solutions if it is not so.

Different other points also play an important role in deciding the correct plan for you. Following given are some distinctive points of shared hosting vs dedicated hosting that will explain the technical differences between the two and will help you in selecting the best one between them for your business needs:


If you have a website that you are hoping of fast upliftment in the online world then dedicated solutions must be your choice. Although, it is not possibly sure to judge the performance of your website, but if price is not a matter and you are hoping for something big and don’t want to take any chances then you can blindly opt for it. Since the control of everything will be in your hands in case of dedicated service, any change in the system can be easily customized as and when demanded by your website.

On the other side, if your websites is on its beginning stage and not covered by a daily group of visitors, it will be better to save your capital and go for a shared server hosting.

Bandwidth and other resources-

Your bandwidth availability and disk space is unlimited in case of a dedicated service. There will always be enough resources to manage any load of traffic coming to your site. The server will be supporting only and only your sites.

Speaking of bandwidth, the website that will be first in the queue of all the sites managed by a shared host gets the maximum of it to handle the traffic load.  Like everything, the bandwidth and disk space will also be shared and the load will be equally managed. Since, your website is not a pro now; it will not be a problem.

Uptime or Server Response Time-

With a personal server system, there are practically no server downtimes that can affect the impression of a site.

The server response time provided by a shared host is not of a category that can be compared to a dedicated host but will be better than a free hosting provider.

Shared services are better provided they are offered by a quality and reputed host. Finally the decision resides with you and your needs for making the choice. Therefore, do more researches and enquiries as well as consider other offers too such as shared hosting vs VPS so that you can avail the best pick to give your website the top-most position.


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Shared hosting has gained huge accolades in the field of hosting services. It services such as shared server hosting is provided with extra options to make it more user-lovable. The above document is an attempt of the company to enlighten its readers on the topic of shared hosting vs dedicated hosting. For more information visit

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