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led High Bays are an excellent choice for retrofit or new construction projects that typically use traditional high pressure sodium, metal halide or fluorescent light sources. Applications for bay lighting include but are limited to warehouse LED Lighting, the lights on the ceiling that you see at any basketball, school gymnasium, or indoor arena. More industrial types would be high bay factory lighting, loading docks, work space lighting, storage building lighting, hanger lighting in airports, plant or mill lighting, food processing plant lighting, and bay area lighting.


Newest Bay Lighting Choices
The Inductive High Bay Lights can be used in factories, warehouses, and any other indoor application that are not cold and where there isn't a need for the bay lights to dim. Inductive high bays are not capable of dimming. It is also strongly advised to not use these lighting fixtures where there are plastic packaged goods as the light output of Induction lighting will cause the plastic to yellow and become brittle.

Inductive High Bay Lights HAVE MERCURY in every fixture.

Eligible for energy rebates via design lights consortium.
Its lifespan is double of other LED bulbs at 100,000-200,000 unless in a cold application which cuts its lifetime in half.

Inductive High Bay still PRODUCE HEAT so they don't help the work load on coolers.

The gymnasium lighting they emit produces high amounts of Electrical Radiation causing employees that are around the light for more than two hours a day to develop chronic headaches

led high bay deliver the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output all in a low profile, industry leading fixture platform. Retrofit is a high bay light fixture that is constructed from rugged die-cast and extruded aluminum components that fit into your existing fixture without having to replace the complete existing metal halide or sodium bulb high bay light. The LED driver is mounted in a sealed center chamber that allows for access from below the fixture. High performance heatsinks specifically designed for LED High Bay Lights maintain minimal heat output as all the energy that the Light Emitting Diode consumes is used for light output rather than turning the energy to heat as it does in traditional metal halide and sodium bulbs.

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