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How Pediatricians in Portland Oregon Address Childhood Menta

by chalicelindgren

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Despite inheriting certain traits, children possess unique quirks and traits that their parents may find hard to figure out. Not all parents, unfortunately, are equipped to handle their children’s developmental problems. As such, parents can turn to qualified pediatricians in Portland Oregon for help in addressing the following concerns.

Poor sleeping patterns

Children need at least eight hours of sleep every day, yet some children complain of persistent nightmares and experience sleepwalking or even insomnia. Parents may not realize this because they are also asleep at these times. Irritability among children is a symptom that is often attributed to insufficient sleep and other underlying causes. Before symptoms worsen, it is advisable to seek a pediatrician who can provide the necessary treatment.


Classified as a behavioral disorder, attention deficit disorder is said to be manifest in children who are easily distracted, become unable to follow instructions, or find it difficult to pay attention. The recognizable variant, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, is further compounded with consistent restlessness and trouble concentrating in school. Luckily, ADD and ADHD can be treated with calming medication that helps keep the affected child more attentive.

Learning disabilities

Children with ADD or ADHD are often viewed as rowdy, disruptive, or irresponsible. Likewise, children with learning disabilities are accused of being habitually lazy or even mentally challenged. However, advances in psychology have since enabled society to recognize that some children simply learn at a different pace.

In other words, the inability to keep up with standard scholastic requirements is not always a definitive indication of a child’s intelligence. Some children with learning disabilities may in fact have higher IQs than their peers. The important thing is for children with learning disabilities to receive education in special schools where lessons are customized to help them learn effectively.

Eating disorders

As children grow up, they inevitably get into a wide range of encounters with their peers, some of which may have glaringly negative impacts on their psyche. For example, personal insecurities can lead to eating disorders in children as young as 10. Parents and reliable pediatricians in Portland Oregon can help children get the support they need and reassure them that their worth goes beyond their appearance. For more information, see

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