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Care for your Hearing

by elynieva

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The conditions are set for a rapid increase in the number of people suffering from hearing loss. Judging from the number of people visiting Hidden Hearing portal, there is an upsurge in these conditions and there is a need for an immediate sensitisation.  The walkman was initially blamed as the lead cause behind hearing loss in the 80s. Technology today has changed and people’s preferences have also changed. There are tens of papers examining the link between the growth in technology and the increase and the answer is that there is a positive connection. Today iPods are all the thrill and they are hooked to the ears of every hippie kid on the block. With this increase in the number of iPods in circulation so is the increase in hearing loss. There are several ways though to curb this.


It is the advice of the experts that people should ensure that they do not listen to loud music from their iPods. It is agreeable that there is much thrill to be gotten from loud music but so is the danger. It is advisable that all consumers should learn to control the volume and avoid the full blasts. While it can be okay if it is done once in a while, prolonged exposure to high volume will at last destroy your hearing abilities. IPod come with unique features for sound quality and volume control and these can be of great assistance to you.


For all those iPod listeners and mostly those that visit their website, you should know that there is much to be gained when you limit your usage of the iPod. It is not advisable to be listening to music so close to your ears as it is essential that your ears rest too and have ample time to recuperate. This increased exposure will destroy even how you perceive thing and might make you an addict to loud music.


Although there might be a temptation to use ear buds, advises against this. Ear experts insist that you should use headphones as opposed to ear buds if you want to protect your ears. Ear buds have direct connection to the ears while the headphones are structured to ensure that they do not come into contact with the inner ear. Even if they are loud, headphones protect your hearing system and decrease the risk of harming the ears. With the ear buds, it is advisable to limit the volume to bare minimum.

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