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Protect yourself from Hearing Impairment

by mikerowland

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It is always good to have adequate information about our body. Most of the debilitating diseases that have threatened t wipe out humanity are as a result of lack of proper information.  With the proper information on the causes, the predisposing factors and prevention, most of these diseases can be managed. The problem of hearing impairment is prevalent especially as one advance in age. Most of those who are searching for hearing aids are mostly the elderly who have seen various factors in life take toll off their hearing abilities. For the young people and those with have perfect hearing system, information is power. You can beat hearing impairment by being a bit cautious with how you live.


There is no denying it but the major cause of hearing impairment is the noise. Loud noise can destroy your ear drums at an instant and subject you to permanent deafness. Sounds that are above ninety decibels are known to cause partial blindness. These are mostly from gunfire and it is always advisable to protect your ears. Air raid sirens, loud music in concerts and jet engine when taking off are some of the places you should avoid or if that is where you work, you should consider protecting your ears with ear muffs at all times. While some of the noises may not render you deaf instantly, it might be the reason you go deaf in old age probably due to prolonged exposure.


In the workplace, it is mandatory for all employees to be provided with the proper protective attire. The law makes it a must for the employee’s health to be safeguarded. Due to being uncommon, sometimes the ear is unprotected in the assumption that it takes a high level of sound to damage them. Anything above 90 decibels can damage the ears and it should be important that you get headphones or ear muffs from your employer if you work in a noisy environment. When going to loud concert, there is a way you can protect yourself from hearing impairment by carrying your own earplugs. Although this may limit your fun, it might assist you in future. You should also learn to take breaks from the concerts and sit at a far end where the noise is minimal. If you find yourself getting uncomfortable in loud places, you can as well as stop attending the concerts and seek medical advice instead.

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