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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

by worldwidehealth

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These days, people are getting increasingly less alert about their health related issues. They do not realize that fact that health is a primary necessity and they cannot take it lightly at any point of their life. The diseases of any kind are very harmful as they disrupt the normal course of life. The treatments of these diseases are also very expensive and sometimes, they are difficult to bear. The situation becomes even more difficult when the treatment of a certain disease is not available at their place. Life becomes as good as death.


Human diseases can be classified into two categories, namely- common diseases and contagious diseases. The common diseases, like fever and cold, are easy to manage and people need or take less time to recover. The treatments of these diseases are available everywhere and the medicines are not that expensive. If you are suffering from fever and cold, you can get the treatment anywhere.  On the other hand, the situation is different with contagious diseases. These diseases are extremely dangerous and you cannot feel yourself safe anywhere in the world as the reports and medical health bulletins and journals issued by various health organizations clearly show that all types of contagious diseases have spread everywhere.


The contagious diseases can spread by dint of air, water, and contaminated food etc. These diseases are also manageable and the treatments for these diseases are also available everywhere, but those diseases that spread due to improper and unsafe sexual relationships are very dangerous and many of them have no treatment anywhere in the world. As the name itself tells, the Sexually Transmitted Diseases spread from one human body to another with the help of unsafe sexual relationships. These diseases are caused by viruses and micro organisms that are transmitted from one body to another whenever two people of same sex or opposite sex involve in sexual relationships.


On many occasions, it is seen that people get involved in making sexual relationships with more than one sex partner. This is a suicidal practice as these Sexually Transmitted Diseases originate in such practices. As far as detection of these diseases is concerned, you cannot identify a person by his face whether he is suffering from any Sexually Transmitted Diseases   or not. The germs or viruses or the microbes may enter the body of the person any moment of this sexual intercourse. The cases of same sex marriages are more dangerous with respect to the spread of these highly contagious Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


These Sexually Transmitted Diseases can affect the body of both males and females. The infection, in the initial phase leaves no symptoms at all. The moment these symptoms become evident and understandable, it becomes too late to do anything. The most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases include HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. There is no doubt that all these diseases are extremely painful and they are very fatal in every way. If the patient does not get the proper treatment at the right point of time, then the disease can even kill him in the end. As far as HIV/ AIDS are concerned, it is still incurable as humans have still not succeeded in finding an effective treatment for AIDS and HIV. 


As far as the symptoms of these Sexually Transmitted Diseases are concerned, they are as follows:

  • Pain in the lower abdominal area
  • Pain in the vagina for the women and also in the penis in case of the men
  • Sores in the vagina and in the penis
  • Discharge of odorous white watery liquid form the sexual organs of the men and women.


These Sexually Transmitted Diseases are extremely embarrassing for both men and women. As far as the possible prevention of these diseases is concerned, it is entirely in the hands of the people. They must practice the required amount of safety while having sex with their partners. It is highly important to have only one sex partner.

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