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Research and Investment Prospect 2012-2017

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China’s controllable pitch propeller industry started late, and domestic propelling system which uses controllable pitch propeller is still in its infancy phase. At present, the main domestic market is occupied by foreign enterprises.

China has become the world’s largest shipbuilding country, foreign controllable pitch propeller enterprises entered into China’s market in succession. China’s enterprises introduced foreign advanced technologies, and at the same time, they also innovated continuously and improved the independent R&D ability; at present, the performance of domestic products is closer to the international brands.

According to conservative statistics in 2012, there are 30% of the ships use controllable pitch propellers; the prospect is promising. With the continuous development of China’s ship industry and the continued improvement of consumers’ awareness towards controllable pitch propellers, it is estimated that by 2017, the utilization ratio of controllable pitch propeller will exceed 55%.

1. Overview of China’s Controllable Pitch Propeller Products
1.1 Definition, Property and Application Features
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Property and Application Features
1.2 Development History

2. Overview of Global Controllable Pitch Propeller Market

3. Environment of China’s Controllable Pitch Propeller Industry
3.1 China’s Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 Economic Development Status
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Investment in the Fixed Assets
3.1.4 Total Export-Import Volume and the Growth Rate
3.1.5 Forecast of Macroeconomic Development
3.2 Industrial Relevant Standards, Laws and Regulations

4. Characteristics of Controllable Pitch Propeller Industry
4.1 Concentration Grade
4.1.1 Production Concentration Grade
4.1.2 Brand Concentration Grade
4.2 SWOT
4.3 Competitive Landscape

5. Development of China’s Controllable Pitch Propeller Industry
5.1 Market Status Quo
5.2 Product Output
5.2.1 Distribution of Production Areas
5.2.2 Output from 2009 to 2011
5.3 Market Demand
5.3.1 Application Areas
5.3.2 Demand Quantity and Forecast
5.4 Price Trend
5.4.1 Factors Affecting the Price
5.4.2 Prices from 2009 to 3011
5.4.3 Price Forecast from 2012 to 2017

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Research and Investment Prospect of China’s Controllable Pitch Propeller Industry, 2012-2017


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