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5 Cheap Travel Budget Tips

by airadmoz

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Wanna go on vacation but doesn’t have much cash to spend? Fear not! There are several ways to travel without shedding too much money. Below are some of them.


Cheap Travel Tips


Avoid peak seasons

If you have a travel destination in mind, you must at least do some research and gather info about its peak season. Usually, room rates and tour prices soar during peak periods and drop down during off-seasons; so it’s much better to schedule your travel at their downtime. Though this will probably rob you of some exciting experiences (some places lose their charm after winter, summer, or falls), you will no doubt save more money if you do with this plan.

Check with the state website, or local tourism office to find out your destination’s off-peak season.


Travel in groups

Travelling in group will not just add fun to your experience; it will also save you a great deal of money. Travel agencies, hotels, and resorts usually offer special discounts when you book in bulk. You get discounts not just on accommodations, most of the time you will also get complimentary meals, drinks, or additional privileges.

If you are doing DIY tours, you can just share room with your companion and save half of your room fee.


Book in Advance

Planning your itinerary and booking it in advance will lighten up your travel costs. Airfares tend to get cheaper as their flight schedules go farther. Most travel agencies also give out early worm discounts for their clients. But to avail of these, you need to at least book your trip 12 to 10 months before your preferred schedule.


Go for Travel Packages

Going for an all-inclusive travel package is a cost-effective alternative to DIY travels.

Seacologia Travel and Tours, a well-rounded travel agency in the Philippines, advises travel enthusiasts who are looking to save money to look for packages or travel deals. “If you choose a DIY trip, you would have to pay for tours, accommodations, and meals separately. But if you go for an all-inclusive trip, you’ll most likely save at least 30% to 50% of your travel budget.”

“For instance, visiting Palawan entails going to its popular tourist sites like the underground river or the Tubbataha Marine Park among others. Rates for single tours will cost you around two thousand pesos, excluding the meals and hotel accommodations. But if you sign up for our Palawan packages, you’ll only spend around four to six thousand pesos a day, inclusive of tour guides, land and water transportation, roundtrip airport transfers, 3 days and two nights room accommodation for your choice of hotels in Palawan, meals, and city tour. We could also set up reservations for Palawan  resorts if you prefer diving and snorkeling as well,” Seacologia added.


Ask your Travel Agent for Foreign Exchange Rates

If you’re travelling across countries, it will be best to have your money exchanged prior to your trip. Foreign currencies can dwindle during your trip, and exchanging it when the rates are high will get more value for your money. Research on the web, or better yet ask your travel agent about the best time to exchange currencies.

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