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Floepsies Press Release

by anonymous

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== Press Release ==
Author: Floepsies

In response to recent developments we feel compelled to issue this press release. We send this because we want to prevent any potential attacks.
First, we would like to straighten out some things. In a recent edition of a Dutch newspaper (''De Telegraaf'') we have been mentioned as the ‘‘group’’, which is rumoured to have set up an operation known as Operation Payback.
Floepsies does NOT want to be associated with a group calling itself "Anonymous", which exists of so-called script kiddies whom ironically leave more traces than the average dog and individually are not even qualified for the average job as a secretary.
The police is able to trace these "skids" with only the use of Google. This is only one of the reasons that will soon wipe "Anonymous" off the Internet, another reason might be failing operators a lack of intelligence.
Floepsies do not leave traces, that is why we have been able to stay under the radar for years, therefore we want to be very clear about not having any connections with "Anonymous" and Operation Payback, and want to see this rectified immediately.
We do support WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to support an uncensored Internet, as should everyone else who cares about his or her privacy and freedom of speech.
This is not a conventional war! It is an information war. Our intentions are to keep the Internet free of censoring by the government and companies that are influenced by The United States of America. Freedom of speech is one of the humans' constitutional rights, so it mustn't be suppressed.
The worst form of control is when you think you're free, while you actually are being fundamentally manipulated and dictated. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and be able to see and touch the bars. Another one is sitting in a prison cell, but you're not able to see the bars, this thinking you're free to go.
This being the first public approach by Floepsies, we hope to have been clear enough and will not be forced to make contact again.
Any form of approach by someone claiming he's got information about Floepsies is a fraud. This could be someone saying he's one of the members, or claiming he has a reliable source. Any information gathered about Floepsies is fake, since Floepsies don't leave traces.
In this press release we might have left the impression that Floepsies is a group. We do not support this. We think of Floepsies as a synergy - Floepsies is bigger than individuals.

== End of press release ==

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