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Salvation Army bell ringers?? Don't give money for ABUSE

by anonymous

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Salvation Army bell ringers?? Yuk!!!!!

There's a reason I said yuk.

Sal(i)vation Army treats the poor like crap-all their locations do it (I call them "Salivation Army" because they "salivate" at the thought of abusing the poor). But a person would only notice it if they tried to use them for help more than once. They verbally abuse people & half the time the poor person walks away with no help (even though you sat through their abusive, hostile mouths).

They abuse with such frequency that I can't list them all-not enough room in this post to fit it all. So, I'll give one example :

Poor person: I need some food help.(said in a friendly way)

Salivation Army staff person : Why should I help YOU?! Because you're poor?! I hate poor people. Fuck off and die.

If you want to help poor people, find someone in need & give it to them DIRECTLY - otherwise *this* is what your money is paying for, ABUSES.

Btw, I speak from many personal experiences. What you just read happened to me and my family & these experiences stretch out over years.


P.S. And btw, sometimes after the person(s) get abused, they may or may not get the help they came in for.


Posted by : Fred R., Denver Colorado (12-08-2010)
















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