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How to Pop a Zit

by cooky24

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Caused simply by clogged pores, zits are a hassle everyone has to deal with at least a few times in their lives. Skin care products, hormones and your diet can determine how many, or how often, zits will appear. They can be very embarrassing and sometimes they just need to go. Follow these steps to learn how to pop them the right way.

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1、Use a warm rag to heat the area and draw the pus to the surface before proceeding. 2、Wash the area with acne medicated soap. 3、Clean your hands well before popping. 4、Press your two pointer fingers down on opposite sides of the zit. 5、Compress the two fingers together toward the zit with a slightly upward motion. 6、Repeat the popping motion until the white pus stops coming from your zit. 7、Cleanse the area where the zit was again and wash your hands as well. 8、Apply an anti-pimple cream to the popped zit.

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