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Tips for Buying the Best Quality Headphones and Earphones On

by shen22

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Are you a serious gamer and looking to really feel the full impact of a hail of bullets when playing Call of Duty? Are you looking to build a music career and trying out several of your original songs? Or a movie buff who can’t live without the handy tablet for the movie on the go? If so, you need good quality headphones to really soak into the whole experience. When buying headphones or earphones, there are several things you need to consider:

If your money is short, save some more

If you really want good music, never settle just because your money is short to buy good quality headphones or earphones you are eyeing. Delay gratification a little bit because buying a cheap product and listening to it afterwards only emphasizes why some brands are priced as they are. Any product below the mid-priced range is generally a waste of your money. Now, if you just want something where you can listen to music to while away the time, maybe you can buy a basic set of headphone or ear plugs. Still, you don’t skip on the research. Just because you are buying for cheap doesn’t mean you purchase the first gadget you see.

Let your purpose guide you

Before the what, you need to answer the why. What is your purpose in buying a set of headphones and where will you be using them? Will you buy headphones and put them on just to while away the time at school, doing the grocery or in your room? If you are using them on your way to school or work, will you be walking or crossing streets? If so, maybe earphones would be the better option because they don’t drown out the noise of your environment as much as headphones, which may incapacitate your ability to hear onrushing vehicles.

Do you want to pursue a career in music? If so, then you may have to burn a lot of money to purchase good quality headphones that will last a while. As a rule of thumb, the larger the device is, the louder the sound quality will be. On the flip side, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. As evidenced by the earphones for iPhone or the B&W C5.

Listen to old and new music

To get a better grasp of how your headphones sound like, run it through a series of tests. One of the most effective is to play the standards. Old music gives a good barometer of how the gadget’s range of sounds performs. That’s because contemporary music is compressed too much due to technology so older songs will allow you to gauge its frequency response. The best music is to play the classics. So before you buy headphones, have a listen to on a lot of Mozart, Bach or Beethoven because they make us of multiple instruments that will really exert your gadget’s treble and bass to their limits.

BONUS TIP: Headphones need about 100 hours of listening time before they can supposedly give out their natural sound. Bear this in mind the next time you buy headphones.


It is very important to buy good quality headphones and earphones that are provide you best quality sound effect rather than a spectacular appearance. Good Quality Headphones and earphones are particularly designed to maximize listening experience and keep ambient noise out.

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