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Folding Glass Walls Open Up a Home and Perform When Closed

by davidbush

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Folding <a href="">glass walls</a> are a great way to open up a home while increasing safety, comfort and style. The freedom of openness provided by beautiful, retractable glass architecture shouldn't come at the expense of your family's security, and with newly engineered single-sourced systems, no longer does.<br><br>


New advancements in glass allow for the creation of <a href="">folding walls</a> strong enough to be used in any environment including hurricane zones and high-altitude snow regions.<br>

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The best <a href="">glass walls</a> and door products should pass independent testing for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural load. By utilizing such stringent standards, many houses with glass walls and doors can actually be more secure than traditional counterparts. <br><br>


Nanawall, the leader in opening glass walls, recently reported that many of their North American customers were fortunate to ride out the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy due to the rigorous water infiltration and wind damage preparation of their products.<br><br>


For best results in extreme weather, glass walls and doors should be NFRC tested, rated, and labeled; such products can ensure appropriate energy efficiency requirements for any climate.<br>

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Glass folding walls provide a freedom of openness that can be arranged in many combinations to meet design goals, such as inswing, outswing, segmented curves, and even 90 degree open corners, for more drama. <br><br>


No matter the style, keep in mind that the best folding glass walls offer a combination of performance, aesthetics, flexibility and ingenuity. Folding walls are a fantastic way to enjoy nature's beauty in good times, while staying protected from nature's fury in bad times.<br><br>

Chris Gaffney<br>

<a href="">NanaWall</a> is North America's dominant provider of folding walls and opening <a href="">glass walls</a>, with an organization that has installed over a million panels worldwide. Nana Wall Systems is the North American partner of Solarlux of Germany, the world leader in operable glass wall technology.

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