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How to find a creditable Real Estate Agency

by rentingmantra

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There are certain points one should keep in mind while trying to find out a creditable Real Estate Agency dealing in residential properties and commercial properties. Such an agency should satisfy all of the points given below:-

The search:

Looking up the websites, newspapers, speaking to friends, relatives and neighbors will help you to make a list of real estate agencies dealing in residential properties as well as commercial properties available on rent of your choice. This list actually names those agencies which just appear to be creditable.

Get the data ready:

Make a table wise listing of all the agencies. Find out the areas they specialize in arrange all the data neatly into columns. Compare and contrast each one’s advantages and disadvantages  as far as rental properties in your areas are concerned.

Your goals:

Real estate agencies provide us with a variety of services; apart from dealing in rental residential and commercial properties, they also help us to get flats on rent or apartments on rent. They help us out in documentation and even in finances. Above all they limit themselves to certain areas so that they can function at their optimum best. So the first thing to do now is to decide why you want to locate a creditable real estate agency. For instance, you may want to buy a flat in Greater Noida. You may also be looking for a three bedroom flat in a centralized location. You may be interested in a bank loan. There may be certain addition facilities you may like, a swimming pool or a small garden of your own. Once your needs are clearly specified you start short listing those agencies.

Too Plentiful:

Even as you contact the agencies of the area of dealing with residential properties, you will observe that they are many in number. Once you have conducted an enquiry, they will follow and inundate you with the best offers; you will be a confused buyer. So what is the next step?


It better to find out their reputation; speak to people who have been their customers earlier; find out what services have been actually like; saying something is easy, implementing those ideas is not something that everyone can do. Speak to people residing in the residential propertiesof your choice and they will definitely come up with some concrete suggestions that will aid you further.

It is important to find out whether the concerned agency is responding positively to the problems posed by the owners of the said accommodations. The residents will be only too eager to give their opinion.


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