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Cosmetic Dental Treatments that Reliable Burlington Dentists

by janelleforman

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In some cases people who experience dental problems because of inappropriate dental hygiene seek treatment when it's too late. Some clients have healthy but greatly stained teeth from consuming too much coffee, while others wear down their teeth as a result of uncontrollable habits like gnashing their teeth while sleeping. To fix these dental problems, trusted Burlington dentists consequently give the following treatments.

Teeth whitening

Badly stained teeth are frequently considered unattractive and treated as indicators of poor hygiene. To treat tooth discoloration, dental experts utilize lightening agents like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These gentle acids can also alleviate mouth sores and eliminate germs that trigger sore throat.


Patients with sensitive teeth may not be eligible for dental whitening treatments. For such cases, dental experts may advise veneers, which are remarkably thin ceramic plates shaped and colored like the patient's own teeth. When applied correctly, veneers can even out mismatched pairs of teeth as well as protect severely damaged teeth at the same time. Veneers may be the perfect cosmetic solution for those whose teeth got fractured as a outcome of accidents or those who regularly gnash their teeth ( likewise recognized as bruxism).

Dental contouring

Meanwhile, people with somewhat mismatched teeth can benefit from dental contouring. In this reasonably painless procedure, the dentist makes use of diamond burrs to alter the shape of a tooth. The diamond burrs are applied with adequate friction, like sandpaper to wood. The dental expert only gets rid of a very small section of the edge of a tooth till it accomplishes the preferred shape.


Crowns are put on molars and premolars, the cube-shaped teeth used to grind and chew food. Like veneers, crowns are put over the teeth and bonded to them. Crowns are tooth-colored caps that protect badly damaged teeth from further wear and fracturing.


Severely broken or decayed teeth may need to be extracted to prevent the spread of infection. Dental implants, which are installed in the gums, can take the spot of these missing natural teeth. A highly trained dentist in Burlington can figure out clients' suitability for dental implant surgery. To learn more, see or

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