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MRI Replacement Parts Services - Expedient and Economical

by directmedparts

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MRI, being the most effective scanning methodologies has become a prerequisite for almost every medical institution today. MRI equipments are delicate machineries, which demand special care and expert handling to generate appropriate results. However, at some point or the other, MRI machines may face glitches, which require immediate replacements. As MRI machineries are expensive equipments, purchasing a new one may prove to be a costly affair. Opting for reliable MRI replacement part services is an expedient and affordable option for a medical institution. Prominent companies offer a surfeit of replacement part services, which are effective, reasonable and reliable. Direct MedParts is one such company that offers a wide range of services related to MRI and CT parts.


Serviced offered by Direct MedParts:

·         MRI replacement parts:

MRI equipments are a vital combination of various critical parts. Every part of the machinery has a distinct functionality, which ensures that the scan is on the right track. Damage of the minutest part may create trouble in the scanning procedure. Direct MedParts understands the criticality of such a situation and therefore offers prompt and proactive MRI replacement part services. The company does not believe in shipping the requested parts hastily, it rather ensures, that a thorough testing procedure is done prior to the shipping.


·         Installation services:

The company also offers installation services for the replaced parts to ensure that the substitute parts are appropriately placed. The experts set up the replacement parts for the convenience of the clients and even educate them about handling the machineries post replacement.


·         MRI coil repairs:

MRI coils are considered the most crucial part MRI machinery. Thus, a small glitch may cause severe damage to the equipment. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Direct MedParts has come up with MRI coil repairs. The team of experts has comprehensive knowledge about the most complex coils, such as MRI brain coil, MX200 CT Tube and therefore ensures that the best services reach the client at affordable rates.  


·         Replacement of CT tubes and parts:

The company also offers replacement of CT tubes and parts to various medical institutions. The substitute parts offered by the company has unmatched quality and come with guarantee. The line of replacement tube offered by the company includes almost all the popular brands and can be chosen according to the requisite of the desired equipments.


A little more about our services:

The company offers ample other services related to MRI and CT parts replacement and refurbishment because of which, it is considered as one of the leading companies serving the medical industries.

Initiated about 3 decades back, the company has made tremendous advancement in the field of diagnostic imaging and has come up with innovative ways to refurbish the defective parts. The thorough testing and checking of equipments by the team of veterans ensure that the best product is delivered to the client. In addition, the product guarantee and reasonable rates clearly project the reliability factor of the company. 


Mr. Johan Burger is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment parts Advisor. He has years of experience servicing the medical imaging equipment, parts and service market. He works with DirectMed Parts.  He writes about various MRI Coil Repairs and MRI Replacement Part.

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