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The Basics of Proper Vancouver Boiler Maintenance: A Glimpse

by darryliorio

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Though not as common as it was a century ago, residential boilers are still in use in Vancouver as a heating system. Despite this, a modern boiler in Vancouver is fairly efficient and doesn't require much attention compared to a gas or an electric heating system. But this doesn't indicate that you should disregarded boiler maintenance. Appropriate boiler maintenance will not just keep your home protected, but will also keep excessive repair costs from creeping into your bills.

Inspect the Water Pressure

The very first thing to examine when carrying out boiler maintenance is water pressure. Examine if water pressure on your boiler is still at proper levels. If it drops past the stationary altitude point, it implies that you already have to increase its water pressure. Usually, the type of expansion tank installed in your boiler dictates the way as to how water pressure is increased. As an added step, check your boiler's pressure once on a monthly basis whenever the boiler is in use.

Check for Leaky Inlet Valves

Leaking inlet valves is a common problem specifically for homes with older boiler systems. Repairing a leaky inlet valve could be as straightforward as retightening loose nuts on both sides. But if this does not address the leak issue, it would be best to flush the water system or shut off the steam system and replace the inlet valve.

Clear out the Radiator

The trapped water inside the radiator is one reason for a boiler system to malfunction and not set off the wanted level of heating. You can clear out the radiator by getting a wire and jabbing it into the airhole. You can also "bleed" the radiator by opening the bleeder valve to release the trapped water.

Prevent Sediment Buildup

Preventing sediment build-up is as easy as opening the radiator's drain valve monthly. Keep in mind that water from a boiler is extremely hot so carefulness is essential when draining. If the water getting out of the drain valve is unclean, consider adding a boiler-cleaning compound. Check your boiler's manufacturing information to find out which cleaning compounds are safe to employ.

It still is worthwhile to have your boiler checked by an expert, apart from the previously mentioned maintenance ideas. They can provide you expert maintenance for any kind of boiler system or tankless water heater in Vancouver with the highly specialized skills that specialists possess. For even more details, visit

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