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Never be afraid to ask for advice

by boykaoliver

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1. Believe in yourself

As any lady will tell you, there’s nothing sexier than a confident man. The self assured smile, the calm gentle eyes, his relaxed posture, it enough to make a woman weak at the knees. When you’re on that first date, the last thing you want to do is give off an air of nervousness or desperation. You want her to know that you’re someone she can count on when things get tough, so it’s imperative to take a deep breath and remind yourself of all your possible aspects. You’re a great guy, show her that.

2. Hire a professional

Sometimes, you just want the perfect night without any of the fuss. You don’t want to find the girl, chase the girl, woo the girl and go to all that trouble before you even get to the restaurant! That’s why British escorts will always prove to be a very popular choice among gentlemen. With all those worries lifted from your mind, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the evening.

3. Be romantic

The fresh bouquet of fragrant roses, the moonlight shining softly down, a gentle word whispered slowly in her ear. It’s the sort of thing that you’d think only happens in chick flicks and the type of terrible novel whose cover inevitably depicts the heroine on a white horse, galloping across a beach at sunset, her hair flying wildly and her bountiful chest barely contained by the tiny scrap of fabric that she calls a dress. It’s surprisingly easy to do it yourself though- the romance, not the Mills and Boon moment- with just a little extra thought and effort. Surprise her after work one day with a candlelit bath, send her flowers at work or just say a few affectionate, heartfelt words to help create a magical moment between the two of you.

4. Be a gentlemen

This doesn’t mean buy a pipe and a smoking jacket, nor does it mean that one should start speaking as if one were from a Jane Austen novel. It means be kind, be considerate. Call when you said you would, even if there is still 5 minutes of injury time left. Compliment her candidly on her looks but focus on her beauty, rather than her body. Open the door for her, pull her chair out before meals. Take her hand gently in yours and give it a soft kiss as you stare deep into her eyes.

5. Keep it off of Face book

For a start, no one wants to see your sickly sweet baby talk plastered over every wall, photo and status. You can be affectionate but try and keep it contained. What’s worse though, is when couples decide to have a domestic on the site, and all the dirty laundry gets paraded in front of your friends, family and that one guy from work that you didn’t really want to add but eventually

6. Get some advice

When you don’t know what to do, ask someone! Don’t just stab wildly in the dark; you’re much more likely to make things worse than you are to make them better. Any female friend or close relative is a

Great person to talk to, but if you’re not lucky to have one of those then remember: there are plenty of British escorts in London who will be more than willing to lend you an experienced ear for a few hours.


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