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Disadvantages of Jailbreaking Apple iPhone 4s

by anonymous

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Hackers are working and 4S jailbreak is about to be released soon to enable the users experience more of their iPhone 4s than they currently do. It is undoubtedly an exciting release to wait for, however, there do exist a number of reasons why you should not look forward to a jailbreak for your iPhone.

Apple has restricted users to use certain parts of the iPhone. Jailbreak grants access to exactly these parts in order for you to perform actions like installing those applications that are not available on App Store.

iPhone 4s jailbreak is certainly the complete experience a user desires to have but not all can afford the consequences.

Reasons: Why You Should Not Jailbreak iPhone 4s

This certainly isn’t an anti-jailbreak post but you should be aware of all the things that can happen to your device if you attempt a jailbreak.  So before you jailbreak your 4S iPhone, be sure to read the reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak it in the first place.

Jailbreak voids warranty

Jailbreak guarantees your warranty to be void. The jailbreak process was announced to be legal in 2010 but Apple has made it clear that jailbreak will void the warranty of your device. What does it translate to? Basically, you want be able to make use of the warranty-based services provided to do a fix on any issue that might pop up with your iPhone.

It is true you can restore your iPhone 4S to the original Apple iOS version when you need to get a service but it is not always successful on every device.

Genius Bar Support will be gone

Genius Bar Support is something that many iPhone users practically depend on when it comes to their device. If you are one of these users the you might want to stay away from the 4S jailbreak. A lot of users got away with not mentioning that their device was jailbroken but still, if Genius gets to know your device is jailbroken you will lose the support immediately.

It is worth mentioning again here that you can un-jailbreak your iPhone, however, that is one irritating procedure especially if you require help with your device frequently.

No upgrade as soon as it is released

One of the most realistic reasons is the upgrade to newer release versions. If you jailbreak your iPhone, you cannot upgrade until the Jailbreak developers come out with another jailbreak or patch so you can upgrade too. In case you are looking forward to a jailbreak, you shouldn’t install iOS 5.0.1 to iPhone 4S.

For smaller upgrades it is not a serious problem, however, for major upgrades you might not want to wait till new features are accessible to you through a jailbreak.

Devices might slow down

Apple offers controls over certain functions of the apps that prevent your iPhone from going slow. However, jailbreak apps do not have this sort of control over them. If you want a smooth unhindered experience on iPhone, you might want to stop thinking about a jailbreak.

A number of users complain to have experienced their iPhone to go slow or go buggy after a jailbreak that led them to opt back for a normal iPhone. Go ahead with it if you are good at resolving issues with iPhone and don’t mind the hassle but many iPhone owners don’t want this to happen.

Jailbreak does not necessarily means you can have any app you like. In fact there are some apps that do not function on a jailbroken device such as streaming apps like TV Cable on iPad and few others.

Security concern

This should have your attention the most. On a jailbroken device you will be having a lot of apps from a number of different sources that could also way for malware to your device through some of these apps. Android owners have been concerned about the issue, however there haven’t been many cases of malware affected jailbreak apps but still the risk is there. Be careful about what app you are getting from a source if you go ahead with the jailbreak.

Finally, should You Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S?

This article is not to tell you whether to jailbreak your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or any other device rather it is merely to inform you of the risks and consequences to aid you make a decision.

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