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Crane Remote Control with New Technologies

by baseremotes

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Industrial remote control systems are widely used in the industrial sectors in order to handle the gigantic machines as well as cranes. The use of service cranes in the industrial area is a well known fact. During these modern days crane remote control systems are also being used in order to handle the service cranes. These modern crane remote controls greatly improve job site safety by providing the operator the safest vantage point for effective control of the crane.

This is a one-man control technology that eliminates the need for a second person stabilizing the load while guiding its placement. While using the system the operator has freedom to move around the work area while setting the load precisely into position. Use of these remote controlled service cranes has ensured the safety of the users and at the same time improves productivity level.

Heavy industries and business concerns move about large and heavy equipments, raw materials, containers, etc. Industries like mining, locomotion, bulk transport etc. always need an equipment to move heavy things from one place to another. This is the reason this industry necessitates the employment of a crane in most of these operations. Crane remote control systems can help exactly in this sector.

Until a few years ago, remote operations were only similar to the task of attaching some mechanical instruments that will allow the operation of heavy cranes from a control station just a few meters away from the equipment. It also allows the system some flexibility as well as efficiency. However, those mechanical remote controls can never be compared with the fully automated crane control system.

There are so many benefits of a fully automated crane remote control system. With these industrial remote control systems the use of cables and wires can be reduced and the operator can also eliminate hardly wiring costs and other repair expenses. They also provide the users an opportunity to integrate older systems with more modern systems and equipments.

In the business sector, the aim of using any equipment or tool is to maximize the benefit of the end user. One of the major issues regarding these new industrial remote control systems is the reliability. Automated crane remote control system greatly increases the benefits of the end users and provides reliability. The ease of maintenance, availability for using in any systems, safety of the system, and reduced risk to the human operators etc are also other major issues that make these modern remote controlled service cranes and indispensable tool in heavy industry.

Most of these systems are also advanced in technology and rich with up-gradation. They are also rich in continuous upgrades and improvements in both hardware and software aspects. As a result these systems are enriched with long operational life and utility.

BASE Engineering designs excellent crane remote control systems for different engineering and commercial purposes.  Since 1996 over 50,000 BASEsystems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product we manufacture. Industrial remote control systems, in our hand, have moved into the next level.

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