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Treating and Preventing of Pressure Ulcers by Pressure

by grayson383

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Pressure relieving cushionis used to prevent pressure ulcers and have comfort as well. Due to prolonged sitting you might develop pressure areas where skin and tissues are directly compressed preventing decrease in oxygen level and nutrients to the underlying cells which lead to pressure sores. Pressure ulcers are caused due to pressure, shear and friction which results in damage to your skin and tissues. Relief cushions are therefore available for treating and preventing pressures related sufferings. There is a wide range of pressure cushions to provide comfort such as cushions for wheelchairs, bed, car and more.

Cushions for wheelchair are designed as per specific need like low risk, medium risk and high risk so as to have appropriate support. The Pressure relieving cushionprevents skin breakdown by providing pressure relief, ventilation to control heat, shear reduction and moisture. These cushions are safe and hygienic offering the utmost comfort. Moreover the cushion covers can be washed in the machines and are long lasting and durable. Besides the cushions are antifungal, antibacterial, and allergy free. As per the requirement the pressure cushions are categorized that can provide high level pressure relief such as fluid filled cushions, gel cushions, air alternating cushions and air cushions.     

The Pressure relieving cushion are not only being used in hospitals but also at home and workplace. With injury and disability people at the workplace may find it difficult to work with suffering. In order to minimize the pain these pressure relief cushions will aid you to have a comfortable sitting no matter how long you work. Besides people with no injury or disability can also use these cushions so as to prevent high risk of pressure sores and improved blood circulation. In order to have appropriate support make sure you consult your health professional to purchase the type of pressure cushion you require.

The relief cushion can also be used by truck drivers to reduce lower back pain and get relief from point of contact pressure due to longer sitting. Pressure relieving cushion covers are fully removable zipped which is pretty easy for cleaning. To aid ventilation and prevent moisture build up the relief cushions are designed with cross cut channels. The cushions are PU coated fabric which is a two way stretch material and vapor permeable to prevent pressure ulcers. It is characterized as fire retardant BS6807:1996 medium hazard. For a comfort cushion, these cushion foams are made of CMHR foam. The relief cushions are now being successfully used in the NHS, nursing homes and community equipment stores worldwide.

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