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Documents and files can be encrypted and protected from pryi

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DRM protection, or Digital Rights Management protection, is software that was primarily developed for content providers who wish to restrict the uses of their content after it is sold; after a movie has been sold, the DRM protection on the disc, or digital download file, will prevent the file from being copied to another media player, converted or otherwise transferred to another device. This meants that the content to only be played and stored on the device it was downloaded to. Utilizing this method helps circumvent piracy of files that could potentially be copied. Many companies including software developers have developed DRM protection methods. A popular DRM management tool is Adobe Digital Rights Management which employs various security methods.

DRM protection can also be utilized in conjunction with encrypting other software or files such as Word or PDF documents, e-Books, html data, music files, video clips including flash, as well as other types of documents. A user may have many reasons to encrypt sensitive documents, with the ability to access them when needed; DRM protection software will allow the user to do exactly that. Adobe Digital Rights Management has similar software that operates by encrypting files; although the majority of DRM protection techniques are similar in the way they function. When a user encrypts data on their hard drive or network, they can expect that the files will not be able to be copied; files will not be able to be printed or viewed, screen captures will not be able to be performed, and other security features will be implemented. Such features as watermarks and the ability to revoke access among other functions are incorporated within the LockLizard DRM software.

Once the user encrypts the data on their hard drive or network, they may still access the data whenever required; they may control all aspects of the file such as viewing, copying, transferring, deletion or any other normal command. Adobe DRM has similar features as well as their own respective encryption technologies for user conveniences. When a user is deciding between utilizing either the Adobe DRM software or the LockLizard encryption methods, they should research the techniques and encryption methods offered by both services to decide which one fits their requirements best. LockLizard for example uses public key technology without the PKI overheads and is therefore secure yet simple to use.

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