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Personal Injury Lawyer Services in Boulder

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An auto accident can be sudden and jarring and may lead to serious injuries calling for hospitalization or rehabilitation and /or might prove to be fatal. For the people involved in catastrophic accidents, even the entire life seems to be less for complete recovery.


In order to claim damages for such injuries, the injuries must be “serious”, as stated by the law, i.e. the injuries should be a fracture, a permanent disfigurement, a permanent injury or if a doctor determines that one is unable to work for more than three months immediately following the accident. In most cases, compensation for medical expenses, time away from work and other incidental expenses can be claimed for. In any such case a Personal Injury Attorney of Boulder Attorney can come handy, while going through the investigation of the insurance companies, or while filing a suit against the other party involved. They may also prove to be of major help in the collection of evidence, in an effort to prove liability. Usually, the claims can be made when one or more of the following acts of negligence is evident- Speeding, Reckless Driving, Distracted Driving, Drunk Driving, Texting while Driving,  Defective Auto parts , Head on Collisions, Side Impact Collisions, High Speed Collisions and /or Defective Roads. One can seek for financial compensation for physical and emotional damages, medical bills as well as the damages caused to his vehicle.


The Personal Injury Lawyers in Boulder have expertise in trials of such cases, and usually a particular lawyer will only take up a specific kind of case, say, drunk driving accidents.


Car Accident Lawyers in Boulder may defend drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, whosoever has been wrongly injured without any fault of his own, in any of the scenarios of such accidents.


These cases are usually taken up by Injury Lawyers of Boulder only if they fall under the category of the New York No Fault Law, wherein compensation can be rightly claimed, if the case is presented with strong supporting evidences.


In cases where the accident scenario is complex, the attorneys may also seek help from reconstruction experts so that a detailed investigation can be done in order to prepare a strong case.


Special attention is paid by the law firms to ensure that the claimant’s existing insurance policy is adequate to protect him, in case if the other party’s policy is not sufficient to settle the claims.


Generally the Accident Attorneys in Boulder do not charge any fees if they are unable to recover the client’s damages from the party at-fault. Most firms work on contingency basis of an average of 30-35% of the amount of compensation received. Hence, it is reasonable and affordable to hire law firms for any personal injury case.


In case one has suffered any such accident, he can easily find a host of attorneys and law firms online. These specialise in the area of personal injuries and are usually highly experienced in the trial of such cases. Some also guarantee a good compensation.


About the Author:

In 1996, Edward Smith  left the insurance defense side and founded The Law Office of Edward Smith. He is an experienced Boulder personal injury attorney that personally handles each case.

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