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Newseum is a wonderful site for social studies teachers who like to use current events and news in class. Simply becuase, with Newseum, one can see the frontpages of 800 newspapers from around the world.

The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form.





With a thousand news sites like CNN or NBC, it is easy to find news from around the world. But do you also want to know the frontpages of newspapers (in different languages) in 78 countries around the world? Yeah,

Educational Use

Teachers can use Newseum in a Social Studies class by asking the students to visit the site and choose different frontpages around the world. Students can be asked to report to class the frontpage they chose.

Newseum does exactly offer that service. ArchiveTwitter ProfileHome  more about things for teachers teaching blogs to check out SUBMIT ASK
A second year high school history teacher at an urban(ish) high school in New Jersey.

What I blog about: Stuff related to education I like, and stuff I hope can help other teachers out. Technology, deals on supplies, helpful books. Since I am a history teacher, I am also guilty of blogging about history resources occasionally.

What I like learning & reading about: Other teacher's opinions about and experiences with teaching & education. How I can enrich my classroom and reach out to my students. If you write about this stuff, let me know, because I probably want to read it.

What you should submit: Anything that could help a teacher.

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