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Timeshare vacations in India good opportunity for vacation

by magicholidays

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Timeshare concept once known only to particular sectors of the society
is nowadays becoming popular among the Indian community. What exactly is
timeshare was the question generally asked a few years back. The answer in
simple, lucid words is timeshare is nothing else but buying your future
vacations at today’s cost. This concept of timeshare well accepted in European
countries, is penetrating its roots at a higher pace among the Indian
vacationers. The result being terms like timeshare vacations, rci resorts in
India are commonly being heard. The timeshare concept
in India introduced by panoramic group, giving opportunity to enjoy
vacations at rci timeshare resorts & hotels in
India can be availed by taking magic holiday

Last Christmas during our vacation in Goa, we came across and heard
about the concept of Timeshare for the first time in Hotel Graciano cottages at
Colva beach, where we had stayed and enjoyed our week long vacation. We got
introduced to the Nair family, who came for Goa vacations from Pune. Mr. Nair a
middle aged person, as well as Mrs. Nair were interesting personalities. Both our
families enjoyed the vacations a lot mostly because of each others company. We
shared lots of good things among each other and exchanged invitations to each
others residence as well. The information about the timeshare concept which we
heard from the Nair family was interesting and good to share with friends or
colleagues. Instead of making arrangements of your vacations every time you
plan a vacation, buy the timeshare vacations once at the present rate and you
can enjoy your vacations at a destination selected from the list of available

When we asked about the providers of the timeshare vacations in India, he
further explained us about Magic holidays, RCI timeshare resorts & hotels
in India and how the timeshare concept in India is becoming popular day by day.
Magic Holidays sponsored by Panoramic group offers you this timeshare product,
in which a one time payment makes you eligible for weeklong vacationing at a
selected destination for a period of twenty five years, along with your two
kids below twelve years age. The destination can be selected from a large
number of around six thousand worldwide destinations and selected Indian
destinations. The amount can even be paid by means of affordable EMIs. Last but
not the least the EMIs will be inflation free, meaning you will be enjoying the
future vacations at today’s rates.  It is
the affiliate of RCI timeshare, the worldwide renowned name in timeshare
vacations. The domestic affiliated rci timeshare
resorts in India are Michael’s Inn, Ayur County, Hotel Moonlight, and Royal
Park, whereas the International affiliated RCI timeshare resorts are the
Centurian, Patong tower and Piana resorts & spa. RCI is the most popular
Timeshare vacation exchange network. You can make rci
registration online and get access to the resort directory of rci and
other travel related information. We will surely not forget to thank the Nair’s
for sharing such a fantastic vacation concept with us and hope the readers of
this article also will be benefitted from it.

You can easily get the membership of Magic
Holidays, which introduced the timeshare concept
in India by filling an online membership form, and secure your future
vacations by a one time inflation free payment.

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