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Stone Crusher Pushes Forward Mining Machinery

by anonymous

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     Now the State development depends on technology upgrading, which can save resources and optimize the use of resources and energy conservation and environmental protection, and accelerate the development of society. Current national demand for iron ore and other mineral resources gradually pushes the development of crusher and stone-breaking industry, which not only has to open up in the market, but also has drive on the technical requirements. This can lead the mine Crusher machinery industry forward and better develop.
     Stone breaking machine can be combined with many industries, such as steel, mining, construction and so on, the development of broken machine and sand maker has experienced a long time, after long hours of practice, there are hammer crusher, the third generation of sand maker and impact sand maker. In 80s of last century, machinery industry also was in low period, economic development of that time is in relatively smooth state, they are catching China economic gentle development period, generally machinery industry has a cyclical development, General a cycle is a dozen years. This development cycle is always the same and won't change, because every business has its cycles of development stages. The development of broken equipment is closely related to economic chain. China's economy gradually began to develop from the 80’s at the fierce momentum, regardless of industry, including China railway construction, highway construction and real estate development, mining and water, they are developing rapidly. Their development drives a economic chain.
     After more than 50 years of development, broken stone machine industry has made significant progress. Especially after entering the 90’s, stone breaking machines production has grown rapidly, the enterprises that joined the stone-breaking machine production continued to increase, the gap between its technological level and the international advanced level is narrowing. This high growth scenario is bound to promote break stone machine parts industry to a new period of development.

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