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What's the Liter Limit of Tampa Liposuction?

by dennisrode

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No matter how clever you think you are, you'll live every one of your days with fat all over your body. Eliminating all unwanted fat from the body is a tall, not to mention impractical order even from the best Tampa liposuction professionals. Lipo only focuses on the fat that is in places where it shouldn’t be.

At some point, it all boils down to one concern: "How much fat does a Tampa liposuction treatment remove?" Doctors state that the authorized quantity of fat removed by means of lipo must not go over six liters or 12 pounds of fat/fluid. Keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically mean you can shed 12 pounds of fat in one session. Aside from fat, other fluids such as blood and water are also removed during the process—the vital fluids that need to be kept an eye on while the procedure is ongoing, as well as after.

The quantity of fat to be taken away is directly proportional to that of the amount of anesthetic needed. If you are set to get rid of fat from several locations in your body in one appointment, those areas need to be treated with anesthesia.

It's a hazardously difficult situation. Some patients have become casualties of an anesthetic overdose. For this reason, some cosmetic surgeons reduce the amount of removed fat to as little as two to three pounds of fat in one appointment to minimize the risk. Even with cutting edge tools in their hands, surgeons are mindful in reviewing their patients’ cases prior to liposuction.

This simply goes to show that not even lipo can be an ultimate substitute for diet and workout. It's more of a short-term option to lose some pounds, which needs to be backed up by a sound diet and workout plan to prevent weight gain after the procedure. Remember this if you desire to undergo liposuction or a Tampa tummy tuck. The equivalent of three two-liter Coke bottles is what you'll lose from safe and proper lipo.

For more details about the things you need to know about liposuction, go to the website at Also, keep in mind that the doctor has the right to not take your case if you have a congenital or chronic condition. The presence of such a condition makes the situation riskier.

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