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Create Online Portfolio And Showcase Your Photography Skills

by pixpadesign

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Crafting an e-Portfolio provides a great help to magnetize potential clients. In fact, it is one of the best ways to showcase your skills and efforts to people who desire to buy some quality work. The reason why contractors from diversified fields such as artists, photographers, painters, web designers, writers, etc have so much indulged into creating online portfolios lately, is probably due to the global platform that internet provides to them. The technological advancements thus promote rapid communication through the internet and make it possible for gaining quick responses, saving time consequently.

Taking into account the photographers only, the online portfolios for professional studios have been observed to gain hype. The photographers now find the internet to be an ideal location to showcase their skills and get applauded for their abilities. This not only saves them time but also helps in gaining popularity and creating a maximized appeal for their services. Additionally, it spares them from making copies of their work and collecting a pile of CDs for distribution.

Furthermore, it is not such a difficult task to create an e-Portfolio with a number of social networking sites in today’s world. While popular social network sites provide the users with an opportunity to communicate, they also give a chance to excel; for the businesses online. On the contrary, a simple and more professional approach to get accreditation for a photographer at an individual level is to launch a web page. The photography websites usually are a combo of web design and photography. This aids the professional Photographers in projecting what they are capable of.

While there are several online tools and templates for making the job easier for a newbie, assistance from the expertise, in the field of web design, can be advantageous for launching products in a more efficient manner. Coming back to what an impressive portfolio should actually look like; there are a few key principles which ought to be taken care of. In other words, a successful portfolio for a photographer asks for a bit of planning before the final commencement. Keeping it short and simple, these principles have been narrowed down to four simple rules:

Firstly, the photographer should be able to articulate his business goals. What is he really aiming for and what is his vision for taking up such a profession, plus finally what does he really expect of this online venture. The owner of the site should mention what purpose backs the entire launch; either it had been his hobby or he professionally took up such a field, etc.

Secondly, the photographer should be able to decide what audience he targets. Keeping in mind the expected visitors on his to-be-designed site, he should incorporate similar backgrounds and images. While somea photographers enjoy doing bridal shoots or nature photography, a number of them might even be interested in child shoots or coverage of special events. Likewise, the background and color scheme of the web page varies. Not to mention, it definitely depends upon the choice of the photographer himself.

Thirdly, it must always be kept in mind for the design and navigation of the web page to be user-friendly. It should be critically analyzed how a new visitor to the site would find what is meant-to be depicted. As a beautifully designed page can gain popularity and compel thousands of visitors to stopover, it can equally prevent them from doing so due to poor navigation and low graphical display.

Last but not the least, the online portfolio should be regularly updated and screened for any loopholes. The photographer himself should spend some time reviewing what he actually caters. Also, being open to comments and criticism helps in building a stronger relationship between clients over the passage of time.

In a nutshell, maintenance of a professional attitude is what basically needed; for once you set the balls rolling - success would definitely be your way!

Pixpa lets photographers, designers and artists to create online portfolio in order to showcase, share and sell their work online.

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