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How To Value Your House And Sell It

by declannash

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When you start thinking about selling your own property, probably one of the first things you ask yourself is "how much is my house worth?" Otherwise you may not get enough money, or your asking price may be so high no one is interested.

So what are the best ways of finding out what your house is worth? The prices of house of course vary with the market trends as you probably know, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you know exactly how much your house is worth just by comparing the market to what the market was like when you bought it. Things such as the popularity of the area you live in, as well as the condition your house is in also affects the value.

If you want a straight forward answer the easiest thing may be to hire a surveyor to have a look at your house for you, but the do charge rather hefty amounts of money.

If you are certain you want to sell property for cash you can also get an estate agent involved, but how they value houses sometimes reflects what they believe they can sell the house for, rather than what it is worth. If they are desperate to make money for example, they may want to try to sell your house at a reduced rate. If you choose to sell your house through an estate agent they will also charge you for this.

You can also do the research yourself by checking what other properties in your area are selling for. Of course, the asking price people have may be higher than what is actually offered in the end, so just checking the ads in local papers won't give you the entire truth. To get the best information you will probably have to attend showings as well to determine what state the houses are actually in.

If you decide to evaluate your house without hiring a surveyor it may also be a great idea to ask online companies like ourselves for a free valuation of your property. If you decide through us, or any other company that offers cash for houses, you have to bear in mind that the actual offer for the house will be somewhere around 80-95% of the actual value as we will pay for all the legal and paperwork, as well as offer you cash in hand, rather than you paying estate agents for a drawn out process, where you never know what the house will actually sell for in the end.

Whatever you do, if you want to sell your own property make sure to find out how much your house is truly worth, as well as the best way for you to sell your house - whether a quick house sale through companies like ourselves, or a much longer process the traditional way. We at TRP Properties, we buy any property, and we make sure that you get your desirable property’s value. For additional information CLICK HERE

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